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Basic Information


Dixit prints original, unpublished academic work (research articles, reviews, outreach articles, updates and interviews) and also publishes samples of art work (photographs, illustrations, scripts, literary creations). It focuses on Communication —both in the area of knowledge and in the professional area— intends to facilitate dialog with other disciplines and has an editorial style designed to promote fast reading of rigorous work. It is directed to people and institutions interested in the field of Communication and related disciplines.

Currently, scientific articles (research and outreach) are evaluated in a double-blind system and are published in the section “Desde la Academia”. The journal also has the Rapport section, where it publishes interviews, professional articles and reviews, and the section Obra en Comunicación, where it publishes photography, illustration, scripts and literary creation.

From December 2006 to June 2018 it was published in digital and printed versions. From the second semester of 2018, it started to be published only in digital form.

Specific information

The Dixit Editorial Committee decides if the works received agree with the focus and editorial style of the journal. The Committee also determines which issue will include which works and which photographs will be attached to the texts.The authors are responsible for the content of their articles or art works.

The articles from section “Desde la Academia” are peer-reviewed according to a double-blind system, i.e. the author does not know the names of the referees nor do they know the author’s name.

This review system turns to consultants outside the Universidad Católica del Uruguay and also to specialist from the institution itself. Each article is assessed by two referees, who determine whether the article in question is “apt for publication”' or “apt for publications once corrections have been incorporated” or “not approved for publication”. When an article receives verdicts of "Publishable with corrections", Dixit's Editorial Committee is responsible of verifying that these corrections have been addressed. If the author declines to make any of the corrections, he must provide a written justification so that the Editorial Committee can analyze the case. When an article receives a verdict of "Unpublishable" and a verdict of "Publishable" or of "Publishable with corrections": first, the author must overcome the objections raised; then, Dixit's Editorial Committee ensures that the work receives a third arbitration. When an article receives two "Unpublishable" opinions, the work is rejected. In all cases, the judgments are sent to the authors. When an article is accepted, it is edited and proofread. The article is sent to the author for final adjustment, approval and gallery proof. Contributions sent to Dixit can not be submitted for publication in other journals. The judgment is delivered to the authors within a 60 days period, counted from the date the work was received.

Anti-plagiarism policy

In submitting their articles, the authors declare that they are original and unpublished and free from plagiarism, including self-plagiarism. Dixit will not accept works containing more than a 30% of self-plagiarism. Authors should indicate, in a footnote on the first page, whether their articles are based on materials available in previous publications, repositories or on the web. Content reused in manuscripts must be properly referenced according to the Guidelines for Authors. To ensure the originality and unpublished nature of scientific articles, Dixit uses the services of Similarity Check by Crossref and also Unicheck.



This journal offers immediate open access to its contents, on the principle that offering the public open access to research contributes to a greater exchange of knowledge on a global scale. From the issue 29, corresponding to July-December 2018, all the content of the journal, except when indicated, is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. The contents corresponding to the previous issues of Dixit are under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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 Dixit is included in ESCI, Catálogo Latindex 2.0, DOAJ, SciELO, REDIB, EBSCO, Dialnet, CLASE, ROAD and MIAR.
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