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Publication Standards








 Publication Standards

Ciencias Psicológicas Journal is a bi-annual, indexed and peer-reviewed periodical. Articles must be of academic character and related to the field of psychology. Articles within the neuroscience field are also accepted provided they are connected to any psychological aspect.  It is published in Spanish, some of the full text in English or Portuguese, with abstracts in Spanish and English.

General Guidelines:
1.    The content of the submitted work must be original. It cannot have been published or edited by another journal or book and cannot be currently evaluated by another periodical. The content is not bound to any rights by another magazine or journal.
2.    The authors do not have to state any conflict of interests related to the work.
3.    If accepted, the Ciencias Psicológicas Journal now holds the copyright on the manuscript. The content and opinions written on it are responsibility of the authors.
4.    The authors agree to lend the reproduction rights of the article (according the Creative Commons BY license) for it to be published on SciELO Uruguay Portal.
5.    For research studies involving human beings, the proper authorizations from the corresponding Ethic Committees are required.
6.    The investigation data must be available to the referees at any time.
7.    For clinical trials involving human beings, a copy of the corresponding registry is required.

Presentation format:
8.    Works must follow the APA Style Manual for Publications guidelines (6th edition, 2010) 
9.    The article must be in digital format (rtf, .txt or .doc).
10.    The title must be in the first page in its original language. The title must be clear and precise and it cannot be longer than 40 characters (including letters, numbers and spaces). It must also contain the investigation variables.
11.    The name of the author(s) and their corresponding institutions (as well as their e-mail addresses and postal codes) must be included in the second page.
12.    The English translation of the title must be included in the second page. If the original language is English or Portuguese, then the Spanish translation must be added instead.
13.    Key words (in English and in Spanish) must be included in the fourth page (between 3 to 5 words)
14.    The Spanish abstract must be on the fifth page. The abstract can range between 100 and 150 words.
15.    The English abstract must be on the sixth page (between 100 and 150 words).
16.    The articles can be up to 30 pages long (including charts, pictures and references) using 1 ½ spacing and A4 paper. There must be three cm. left of margin. Font must be Arial, size 12. If any of these restrictions are not met, it should be talked through with the Editor.
17.    The following presentation plan is recommended: Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusions and References.
18.    The places of the charts, graphs and pictures must be marked in the body of the article. They will be included in a different page at the end of the work.
19.    Cites must follow APA format.

How to send your work:
20.    All articles must be sent to:
Prof. Dr. Lilian R. Daset Carretto
e-mail:, with a copy to:
21.    You will get a notification as soon as the work is received. Another notification will be sent if your work has been accepted, rejected or has a modification offer. The review process of an article takes three months minimum.
22.    The mended articles must be sent to the Editors. You have up to one month to do so.
23.    Once accepted, the Journal Editors will publish it in the Volume and Issue they consider appropriate (within a reasonable amount of time).
24.    Authors are not charged for the editorial process.
25.    Letters to the Editor must be related to investigation articles and must follow the criteria of every scientific discussion: it must provide an explanation, backed up ideas and the corresponding bibliography.




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