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General information

 General information


Scope and focus
The Institute of Education at Universidad ORT Uruguay, founded in in 1980, produces educational research, develops postgraduate programs and stimulates university extension activities. Within this framework, since 1997  publishes  and disseminate the academic journal Cuadernos de Investigación Educativa that is managed by an editorial board and an Advisory board comprising acclaimed scholars in the the educational field, both at a national and international level.
Cuadernos de Investigación Educativa is a publication that gathers outstanding articles in areas such as didactics, learning styles and learning problems, education systems organization and management, educational technology, the teaching profession, and educational policies. Some articles refer to research carried out within university graduate programs that explain away the current questions of novice researchers. Other contributions come from distinguished national and international academics that seek to disseminate their research findings towards education improvement (especially meta-analysis) of education systems, elementary schools and classrooms. It also includes scientific literature reviews and high- quality theoretical considerations, description of change- processes, and improvements, experiences and practical applications in the field of educational policies.
It publishes original articles in Spanish and English. All the articles undergo a strict double -blind peer review assessment process according to international standards.
The publishing frequency of Cuadernos de Investigación Educativa is semi-annual. The first volume is published in January and the second one in July.
Incoming articles are received all year.
Cuadernos de Investigación Educativa is indexed in Latindex, SciELO, Dialnet, MIAR, LatinREV and PKP PLN, complying with DOAJ recommendations refered to digital preservation.
It suscribes to AURA (Asociación Uruguaya de Revistas Académicas) and DORA (Declaration on Research Assessment).
Ethical declaration and good publication practices
It is fundamental for the journal to ensure the ethical aspects of the articles published. For that purpose, all those involved in the publishing process (editorial board, authors and reviewers) commit to know and behave according to ethical standards to ensure the compliance of good publication practices.

Editorial Board
It is committed to:
•    Select and assign eligible publication reviewers according to their area of expertise.
•    Objectively analyze the subscribed articles.
•    Encourage a transparent process according to the journal assessment process protocol and following the parameters established in the corresponding guideline.
•    Protect the confidentiality of the editorial process, ensure the anonymity of the authors and reviewers, the privacy of the decisions, content and personal data.
•    Ensure the academic integrity and the originality of articles. All the articles will be subject to a plagiarism detection process using Turnitin software. This will take place right after the first editorial review, before the peer-review evaluation. In case that changes have been suggested by the reviewers, there will be a second wave of plagiarism control. If doubts about the Turnitin reports arise throughout the process, the editorial board will inform the authors so they can provide any relevant clarification. If plagiarism is detected and confirmed, the article will not be published.
•    Ensure deadlines during the editorial process.

They committ to: 
•    Ensure the authenticity of the manuscript and the no-infringement of copyright.
•    Make sure they are the authors of submitted manuscripts, that they have not been published before and that they are not going through any other publication process.
•    Take responsibility for the article content and the veracity of the research findings.
•    Be familiar and to comply with journal style and format guidelines.

They committ to:
•    Collaborate voluntarily in the rigourous and impartial review process.
•    Be familiar and respect protocols and evaluation parameters established by the journal.
•    Ensure deadlines set by the editorial board.
•    Protect the confidentiality throughout the review process; without using or disclosing the content of the manuscripts under assessment.
•    Warn the editorial board against possible conflict of interest.


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