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Basic Information



Basic Information


Now in 2016, the Anuario de Antropología Social y Cultural en Uruguay (Uruguayan Social and Cultural Anthropology Yearbook). It’s marked by transformation requirements, by new game rules that let us to not only overcome it’s long history (2000-2015), but also start with renewed energies a stage more in line with universal academic canons. But nowadays we have to join the general new rules, common to all academic publications under uniform criteria. Somehow an independent existence with own rules would had being an unproductive narcisist whim.
The Anuario de Antropología Social y Cultural en Uruguay (Uruguayan Social and Cultural Anthropology Yearbook). Faithful to the teachings of Anthropology’s great ancestors, we don’t fence in against exchange, on the contrary, the links with colleagues from other countries, with other academic backgrounds, broaden the web alli- ances, intangible but real, as everything related to connections!

Formal aspects to highlight

I. This publication is under Creative Commons licence (cc-by) that protects contents to free access (electronic version) as well as comercial Distribution (paper versión).

II. The Anuario de Antropología social y cultural en Uruguay Magazine only publishes original material and has five sections that make up its index

1. Editorial, 2. Studies and Essays, 3. Investigation Advances, 4.
Dossier, 5. Open space and Reviews.

III. Arbitrations and Quality Controls
Articles on Section 2 are subject to “double blind”2 arbitration. The whole content already has academic guarantee: it comes from investigations already evaluated with institutional backing, book presentations or post degree thesis. The whole publication has production and academic activi- ties duely evaluated.
All the material passes the editor and assistant editors review plus the backing of the Editorial Board. The final product pushes us to keep looking for contributions, on line with an opening referring subjects from abroad that provide new points of view and keeping us updated.



The content of the journal, is ruled by the international Creative Commons Attribution License 


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