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Basic Information


Now in 2016, the Anuario de Antropología Social y Cultural en Uruguay (Uruguayan Social and Cultural Anthropology Yearbook) ceases to exist to become a new publication. It’s marked by transformation requirements, by new game rules that let us to not only overcome it’s long history (2000-2015), but also start with renewed energies a stage more in line with universal academic canons. We have being well evaluated and once we were accepted to the SCielo Uruguay portal, we only could share all the changes asked from us. The first one was to change into a biannual publication aimed to be active on line from what was our printed classic yearbook. On line with that radical change we also had to find a new name to exist or be reborn to a new world, without completely discarding what had being the inspiration and the raison d’être of a long record. But nowadays we have to join the general new rules, common to all academic publications under uniform criteria. Somehow an independent existence with own rules would had being an unproductive narcisist whim.
We thank the opportunity of belonging to a global community as the one SCielo Uruguay gave us and hope to clear the high bar set and to keep our impulse to achieve excellence levels.
To compose the new Uruguayan Anthropology and Ethnography Magazine this time we had to convert the contents as to have two biannual numbers in this first publication. These will be numbered 1 and 2 to cover the 2016 January/June and July/December periods. The aim is to join both on-line numbers each year to print them as one: that is, the idea is to have a single- volume paper versión per year.
Now we’re occupied, pre-occupied in finishing the on line versión, starting with number 1. We will keep in the new magazine, the aesthetic highlight we used since the beginning, a distinctive cover design including a con- temporary Uruguayan artist work. The association of anthropologic content and local plastic artists’ works takes us to human creativeness, which we want to keep paying homage to. In both 2016 numbers we get the works of artista Claudia Anslmi and we will select a single artista each year for both biannual editions. We continue the practice of summon works related to specific subjects: on edition N° 2 we’ll summon for next year, that is 2017. We’ll set final dates for the reception of proposals so as to be able to send them for evaluation, selection and editing of the unpublished material received for the different áreas. Faithful to the teachings of Anthropology’s great ancestors, we don’t fence in against exchange, on the contrary, the links with colleagues from other countries, with other academic backgrounds, broaden the web alli- ances, intangible but real, as everything related to connections!



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