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Guidelines for authors

Authors may
submit research articles, essays, literature reviews, architectural
works catalogues, and original case studies for publication in the
Anales de Investigación en Arquitectura journal.

All manuscripts must be submitted through our web platform in the submission section. The journal does not charge fees for the processing of papers, nor for the publication of articles.

For any incident, contact: 


Authors must submit two files:

1. Article or manuscript

It must be in electronic format Microsoft Word (".doc" or ".docx") or OpenOffice (".odt").

It is important to make sure that the work is completely anonymous and that there is no information that could allow recognition of theauthor’s identity.

2. Authors responsibility document

PDF version

Word version (to download and edit)

The following information must be included: 

- Names and surnames of the authors: as they want to be shown in the publication and the order of appearance in which they want to be shown.

- Email of all authors (without exceptions).

Authors must provide their identifier which can be obtained at the official website. During the editorial process authors will receive an authentication email where they must accept that the manuscript adheres
to their ORCID profile.

- Institutional affiliation: Institution (university), city, country of all the authors.

- Brief curriculum:(between
50 and 75 words) in which the most relevant information in relation to the academic training and professional career of each author is

- Authorship contribution:
Authors must detail their contribution to the article. Author’s work needs to be specified in one or more of the following tasks:

• Conceptualization

• Responsible for the research project

• Curatorship of the information

• Formal analysis of the work or project

• Research

• Methodology

• Acquisition of funds

• Planning

• Supervision

• Preparation of the manuscript

• Editing of the manuscript

• Review and editing of the manuscript

• Photographers

• Modeller

• Draftsman

• Visual media editor 

Content of articles

The manuscripts to be published must be original articles: research, bibliographic reviews, catalogues of architectural works or casestudies. They can be written in Spanish, English or Portuguese.

The length may not exceed 5,000 words, including titles, abstract, citations and list of bibliographic references and images.

Bibliographic references

references must follow the guidelines developed by the American
Psychological Association, APA. Bibliographic references will always be
included at the end of the work and with the title
“references”. When the reference has a DOI (Digital Object
Identifier), it must be indicated at the end of the quote.


article must include three abstracts (no more than 300 words, without
xception), in the original language and in another two. If it iswritten in Spanish, the other abstracts will be in English and


keywords of the article will follow the same guidelines of the
abstracts in terms of their presentation in the original language andthe other languages, it is recommended not to use less than 10 words.
The evaluators may suggest the inclusion of other keywords to ensure the correct indexing of the manuscripts.


Maximum length: 5,000 words.

References: notes at the end. Footnotes will not be used.

Bibliographic references: at the end of the article.

Sources of illustrations: at the end of the article, following the numbering of each figure, except in the case of tables or graphs, which must go in parentheses after the
respective legend.

Important: the text to be published must indicate the place of the illustrations, but they must not be included in the manuscript file.


Illustrations should be sent with the manuscript in a compressed folder in .zip or .rar format.

• Images can be JPG, TIF, PNG or similar files, with a minimum resolution of 300dpi and as large as possible.

• Vector files can be delivered in their original DWG, AI or similar
format, always accompanied by their printing specifications.

• Video files must have an extension of type MP4 or AVI.

Authorship of
the illustrations: the illustrations must be the author's or have been
duly authorized by those who own their rights for their publication in
Anales de Investigación en Arquitectura.

Illustration captions

Each illustration, of any type, must be numbered with its legend. Caption text will have its own file.

Copyright notice

The content of published articles is the sole responsibility of their authors and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the EditorialCommittee or the reviewers.

The Anales de Investigación en Arquitectura journal preserves the rights of the authors before and after the publication of the manuscripts, which are adopted by the Editorial Committee for 

publication. The authors declare that the work presented is unpublished and has not been published in a scientific journal or monograph.

The Anales de Investigación en Arquitectura journal provides open access to its contents, based on the principle of the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License, which offers
the public free access to research to help a greater global exchange of knowledge.

Privacy statement

journal and its contents are licensed under the Creative Commons -
Attribution 4.0 International License (CC BY 4.0). It is possible tocopy, communicate and publicly distribute its content as long as the
individual authors and the name of this publication are cited, as well as the publishing institution (Universidad ORT Uruguay).

The names and email addresses entered in this journal will be used exclusively for the purposes stated in it and will not be provided tothird parties or for use for other purposes.

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