Procedures for the entry of journals in the collection SciELO Uruguay

1. The Coordination SciELO Uruguay , make evaluations of magazines requested by the responsible editor, based on the booklets published during the current year and the previous (2 consecutive years). Depending on the media in which it is the publication, request the booklets on paper, CD / DVD or URL.

The recommendations should be incorporated into the new issues before applying for a re-evaluation.

2. The candidate journal  meets the criteria for admission to the portal, the  Evaluator Adviser Committee  (CAE) is convened and is subject to assessment by its members. (see criteria SciELO Uruguay).

3.The CAE simple majority can decide:
a. including the publication on the site.
b. make recommendations for inclusion or exclusion of some information.
c. refuse arguing the decision.

4. All cases notified in writing of the outcome of the decision taken by the CAE to the publisher.

5. If was voted the journal entry to the site and after receiving the response from receipt of the notification made to the responsible editor, the team coordinator, makes contact with the executors of the processing according to SciELO methodology.

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