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Criteria SciELO Uruguay

Criteria, policies and procedures for the admission and retention of scientific journals in the collection of SciELO-Uruguay


SciELO Uruguay (http://www.scielo.edu.uy/scielo.php), is under the coordination of the National Library of Medicine and the Information and Documentation Center in Medicine and Health Sciences (BINAME-CENDIM) , Department that belongs to the Faculty of Medicine of the University of the Republic.

It collects scientific publications, edited in Uruguay, in different areas of knowledge, they meet specific requirements, required to integrate the Uruguayan portal in terms of editorial quality (content and form).

Uruguay, in 2000, joins this model, developed to respond to the needs of dissemination of science generated in Ibero-Latin American countries.

In its origins, the Faculty makes the invitation to five titles of biomedical journals to join the experience that was proposed in BIREME. At present, the scientific editors approach the National Coordinating Center, to request the evaluation of their journals, aspiring to integrate the SciELO.UY Site.


   1. Increase the visibility of national journals, optimize resources, facilitate and speed up access to information.
   2. Attend the development of the SciELO-Uy Collection in accordance with the objectives of the SciELO Program and the SciELO-Uy Criteria.

SciELO-Uy criteria:


2. Minimum age two years:

3. Periodicity:

    3.1 Edition of fascicles according to established periodicity (Half-yearly, Quarterly, Quarterly, etc.)

    3.2 Edition of special fascicles or supplements

4. Publishing entity and place of publication

5. Content / Scientific character:

6. Mention of the director

7. Editorial Committee (with the emails included)

8. Arbitration by pairs

    8.1 External evaluators or reviewers

9. External Authors

    9.1 Lacking Endogamy

10. Affiliation of the authors

11. Title of the article, Summary and Keywords, in three languages

12. Standardization / Publication rules:

13. Requirement of originality

14.Table of Contents

15. Bibliographic letterhead

16. Mention of the Creative Commons license

17. Mention of the postal address and URL

18. DOI

19. DOAJ

20. OJS

21. Plagiarism Program


23. Inclusion of the magazine in a social network (Facebook, Instagram, Twiter, others)

Its implementation, has cost many years of effort and hard work, but it is reached in 2018 as a consolidated SciELO Program, strengthened and with great recognition in the local environment, due to the great repercussion that this initiative of Brazil has acquired on an international level.

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